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NSF Award(s) DEB-0217533 , DEB-9632853 , DEB-0822700 (View all sites)

Lakes are conspicuous, ecologically-important, and socially-valued components of landscapes. Lakes collect water, energy, solutes and pollutants from the land and atmosphere, provide habitats and resources for organisms, and interact with diverse human activities. The North Temperate Lakes Long-Term Ecological Research program aims to understand the ecology of lakes in relation to relevant atmospheric, geochemical, landscape and human processes. Our overarching research question is “How do biophysical setting, climate, and changing land use and cover interact to shape lake characteristics and dynamics over time (past, present, future)?”
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Contact Information
Site Contacts
Principal Investigator: Emily Stanley
Primary Contact: Kelly O'Ferrell
Information Mgr: Corinna Gries
Education Contact: Robert Bohanan
Graduate Student Representative: Sam Zipper
Social Science Representative: Robert Provencher
Climate Science Representative: Ankur Desai
Communication Representative: Adam Hinterthuer
Center for Limnology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
680 N. Park St.
Madison, WI 53706 USA
Phone: 608 262 3014
Fax: 608 265 2340
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Site History
The North Temperate Lakes Long-Term Ecological Research (NTL-LTER) program was established in 1981. Over the past 20 years we have designed and implemented a comprehensive study of seven lakes in a forested landscape within the Northern Highland Lake District in northern Wisconsin, and since 1994, an additional four lakes in the agricultural and urban catchments in southern Wisconsin. We have increased our understanding of long-term dynamics of lakes at spatial scales ranging from small sites within lakes to the northern hemisphere.

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Research Topics
Physical, chemical and biological limnology; hydrology and geochemistry; paleolimnology; climate forcing; producer and consumer ecology; ecology of invasions; ecosystem variability; landscape ecology; lake, landscape and human interactions.
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Institutional Affiliations Research Sites
  • University of Wisconsin
Site Location
Lat: +46.01240 | Long. -89.67200

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Climate Info.
Annual High Mean Low
Temperature 25.7 c 4.3c -17.7c
Precipitation 1078 mm/year 811 mm/year 585 mm/year