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NSF Award(s) DEB-9810218 , DEB-0423662 , DEB-1027341 (View all sites)

Niwot Ridge (40 deg. 3' N, 105 deg. 36' W) is located approximately 35 km west of Boulder, Colorado, with the entire study site lying above 3000 m elevation. There is a cirque glacier (Arikaree Glacier [~90K photo and caption]), extensive alpine tundra, a variety of glacial landforms, glacial lakes and moraines, cirques and talus slopes, patterned ground, and permafrost. The research area is bounded on the west by the Continental Divide, and runoff on the two sides is destined for the Colorado and Mississippi Rivers.
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Contact Information
Site Contacts
Principal Investigator: Katharine Suding
Primary Contact: Katharine Suding
Information Mgr: Hope Humphries
Education Contact: Alexandra Rose
Graduate Student Representative: Cliff Bueno De Mesquita
Social Science Representative: Patrick Bourgeron
Climate Science Representative:
Communication Representative:
4001 Discovery Drive
UCB 450
Boulder, CO 80303 USA
Phone: 303 492-2594
Fax: 303-492-6388
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Site History
Niwot Ridge was established as a site in the NSF sponsored Long-Term Ecological Research Program in 1980.
Research Topics
Patterns and controls of nutrient cycling; trace gas dynamics; plant primary productivity and species composition; and geomorphology.
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Site Location
Lat: +39.99300 | Long. -105.37500

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Climate Info.
Annual High Mean Low
Temperature c -3.2c c
Precipitation mm/year 1250 mm/year mm/year