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Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest - Primary

Principal biome/main communities:
Cold Climate Forest (biome)
Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest is an ecological research forest in interior Alaska. Along with Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed, Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest is one of only two boreal forest research facilities in the boreal forest, or taiga, zone of Alaska. The forest provides a place to conduct ecological and forestry research, unencumbered by other management objectives. Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest is leased to the USDA forest service, PNW station by the State of Alaska. University research activities are coordinated through the Boreal Ecology Cooperative Research Unit (BECRU) formed through a cooperative agreement between the University of Alaska and the USDA Forest Service.
Site Characteristics
Location Single Point
Latitude: 64.7099000
Longitude: -148.2825150
Location - Bounding Box
Latitude1: 64.7862200
Longitude 1: -148.0818530
Latitude 2: 64.6335350
Longitude2: -148.4774980
Area (HA): 5053
  High Low Mean
Elevation (M): 505 107 169
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Jamie Hollingsworth
Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest image