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FP2A - Met Station

The vegetation at this site is an open, 30 year old balsam poplar stand with a dense tall shrub understory of alder. Balsam poplar density is 1200 ha with diameters ranging between 4 and 10 cm and heights of 12 15 m. Basal area of the trees was 10 m2/ha in 1985. Tree growth is rapid in this stand with an average annual diameter increase of XXX mm. The dominant vegetation in the stand is Alnus tenuifolia with a density of 6500 stems/ha , heights averaging 8 m., diameters ranging up to 15 cm and a basal area of 21 m2/ha. Occasional Salix alaxensis and S. nova anglaea also reach up itno the alder canopy. Litterfall is heavy in this stand because of the dense alder and balsam poplar canopy, with 250 g/m2/yr of leaf litter and an additional 100 gm/m2/yr of woody debris, primarily from the alder. Because of the heavy shading from the dense alder canopy, understorey vegetation is scarce with only 6 percent cover. Equisetum arvense and E. palustre are the dominant herbs but there are scattered individuals or small aptches of Calamagrostis canadensis, Equisetum variegatum, Hedysarum mackennzii, and Achillea borealis. The mosses Brachythecium salebrosum and Eurynchium puchellum are found commonly on the bases of the balsam poplar trees but have very low cover values.
Site Characteristics
Location Single Point
Latitude: 64.6991700
Longitude: -148.2508300
Location - Bounding Box
Area (HA): NA
  High Low Mean
Elevation (M): NA NA NA
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