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FP4A - Met Station

The spruce in FP4A are from 150 to 250 years old have a density of 400 trees/ha, average diameters and heights of 40 cm and 28 m, and a basal area of 30 m2/ha. Paper birch and decadent balsam poplar are scattered thoughout the stand. The shrub layer is a dominant feature of this white spruce stand. Rosa acicularis, Viburnum edule, and Alnus crispa are the most important shrubs and have a combined cover of 65%, approximately half of which is Alnus crispa. Sub shrubs and herbs also make up an importnt component of this stand, with a combined cover of nearly 70%. Linnaea borealis and Vaccinium vitis idaea are the most common sub shrubs on the forest floor while the herbaceous layer is made up primarily of Equisetum arvense, Geocaulon lividum, Pyrola segunda and P. asarifolia, Cornus canadensis, and the orchids Goodyera repens and Calypso bulbosa. The forest floor is comprised of a thick nearly continuous mat of feathermosses, primarily Hylocomium splendens, Rhytidiadelphus trequetrus and Ptilium crista castrensis. There are a few scattered clumps of Peltigera canina and Cladonia species in the moss mat, but their combined cover is less than 1%.
Site Characteristics
Location Single Point
Latitude: 64.6797200
Longitude: -148.2347200
Location - Bounding Box
Area (HA): NA
  High Low Mean
Elevation (M): NA NA NA
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