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FP5A - Met Station

FP5A is an open stand of black spruce with occasional individuals of tamarack (Larix laricina) and paper birch (Betula papyrifera).Total tree canopy is 31%. Tree density totals 1900 trees per hectare of which 1760 are black spruce, 40 tamarack and 80 paper birch. Total basal area of the stand is 15.1 m2/ha of which 12.1 is black spruce. Average diameter of the dominant black spruce is 15 cm, and heights range from 10 to 15 m The dominant spruce and tamarack in the stand are about 200 years old, but occasional younger trees occur. The tall shrub layer has 18% canopy cover and is primarily of Rosa acicularis, with widely scattered Salix glauca, Salix arbusculoides, and Salix planifolia. The low shrub layer is conspicuous and with 82% cover; mainly Ledum groenlandicum, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, V. uliginosum and Empetrum nigrum. Common herbs are Equisetum arvense, Geocaulon lividum and Cornus canadensis with a total herbaceous cover of 18%. The nearly continuous moss cover (82%) is dominated by Hylocomium splendens , Pleurozium schreberi and Aulacomnium palustris. Lichens have 12% cover with Peltigera aphthosa and Cladonia gracilis being the only common species.
Site Characteristics
Location Single Point
Latitude: 64.6833300
Longitude: -148.2666600
Location - Bounding Box
Area (HA): NA
  High Low Mean
Elevation (M): NA NA NA
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