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UP1A - Met Station

The 1983 Rosie Creek fire occurred in late May and early June. By September of that year, herbaceous cover was 31% and dominated by Geranium bicknellii and Epilobium angustifolium. Shrub sprouts covered an additional 2.5%. The following year the herbaceous cover totaled 80% and was dominated by Equisetum arvense, Geranium bicknellii, Epilobium angustifloium, Dracocephalum parviflorum, and Corydalis sempivirens. Shrub cover was 2% and tree cover less than 1%. In 1988, 5 years after the fire the herbaceous cover had reached 94% and was dominated by Equisetum arvense, Epilobium angustifolium, and Calamagrostis canadensis. Shrub cover, primarily Rubus idaeus, Rosa acicularis and Viburnum edule, was 12%. A few scattered individuals of Betula papyrifera, and Populus tremuloides had a total cover in the stand of only 1%. By 1995, 12 years after the fire, total herb cover had been reduced to 50% and was still dominated by Equisetum arvense, Epilobium angustifoium and Calamagrostis canadensis but Pyrola secunda had developed 4% cover. Some of the herbaceous cover was replaced by mosses, primarily Polytrichum juniperinum. Low shrubs, primarily Linnaea borealis, had 20% cover and the same species of tall shrubs, had only 8% cover. Tree cover had increased to 12%. Picea glauca seedlings in 1995 had reached heights of 60 cm and had a density of 1000/ha. Total tree numbers of Betula papyrifera, Populus tremuloides and P. balsamifera were only 300/ha but a large number of saplings (nearly 10,000/ha) of the deciduous species will reach tree size (2.5 cm DBH) in the next few years. The original stand had 450 white spruce trees/ha with a basal area of 35m2/ha. These trees were all killed by the fire but most remained standing. By 1997 the standing dead trees had been reduced to 67/ha with a basal area of 3.4 m2/ha.
Site Characteristics
Location Single Point
Latitude: 64.7361100
Longitude: -148.3002800
Location - Bounding Box
Area (HA): NA
  High Low Mean
Elevation (M): NA NA NA
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