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UP2A - Met Station

This dense mixed stand of white spruce, paper birch, balsam poplar, and aspen originated following a wildfire between 1910 and 1915. The deciduous species dominate the tree canopy but white spruce is beginning to replace the deciduous species as succession proceeds. Present (1993) density per hectare of trees is 1675 for paper birch, 1492 for white spruce, 192 for balsam poplar and 17 for aspen: corresponding basal area for the four species is 18.5, 7.1, 4.4, and 0.6 m2/ha for a stand total of 30.6 m2/ha. Dominant tree heights of all four species are between 15 and 22 meters(average 18m). Because of the dense tree canopy cover (85%) and the heavy leaf litter, shrub and herb cover is relatively low. Herbs and low shrubs, primarily Linnaea borealis, Equisetum arvense and Calamagrostis canadensis, have a total cover of 23%. There is also a 20% cover of Rosa acicularis and Viburnum edule. Moss cover is less than 10% because of the heavy leaf litter deposition.
Site Characteristics
Location Single Point
Latitude: 64.6952800
Longitude: -148.3563900
Location - Bounding Box
Area (HA): NA
  High Low Mean
Elevation (M): NA NA NA
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